Why Villa Luxe?

Why Choose Us?

When renting your property, it is important to choose the right agent, thus at Villa Luxe & Co, we can guarantee that you will receive a service that will not be found elsewhere. We take extra care in looking after your pride and joy, we treat it as if it were our own. Our Property Manager's love what they do, they are passionate about this field and do their utmost to ensure that your investment property is maintained to a high standard.

Our team have extensive knowledge of areas in and around North London, enabling them to provide you with valuable advice. Most of our team members live locally and are always on hand to deal with those emergency requests or issues that require immediate attention.

Benefits of using Villa Luxe & Co?

  • First-Class Professional Service
  • Fast & Efficient
  • 24 Hour Management Service
  • Being the first point of call for tenants
  • Regular Property Visits
  • Honest & Reliable
  • Bespoke Service
  • Reliable andqualified contractors
  • Happy Tenants!

As part of the management service, we will throw in 1 free contractor visit per month to sort that leaking tap or repair a loose toilet seat!

Why Villa Luxe?

First Class Service

We set ourselves apart from your bog standard letting agent. We do things differently here at Villa Luxe.

We hold a strong degree of honesty, competence, integrity but most importantly, professionalism.

What differentiates us from the rest, is the speed and efficiency to which we work against. It is crucial that all maintenance issues are attended to immediately, irrespective of the urgency/seriousness of the issue raised. Treating all matters in the same way is important in ensuring that all tenants are happy and no one is treated differently.

We are members of the Property Redress Scheme which enables us to provide a satisfactory service and abide strictly by their professional code of conduct and practice.

Why Villa Luxe?

Great Communication

Having great communication with our landlords and tenants is crucial in all aspects of renting and managing your property. Being clear, concise and transparent enables us to build, maintain and strengthen the relationship we have with you.

Knowing what other letting agents do wrong, we pride ourselves in having superior communication abilities enabling us to provide that special management service that many agents lack in delivering. Providing a quality service is what we do best.

Immediately informing our landlords of the issues raised by the tenants, allows us to maintain the trust we hold with both parties whilst at the same time avoiding larger issues from occurring, for instance resolving the problem within the first visit, where possible.